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General Terms and Conditions of Use of Cards “VARNA CITY CARD”

The present terms and conditions, the online form you have filled in, together with all the other electronic statements you have made, while using “Varna City Card” mobile application or the website www.varnacitycard.com, constitute in their entirely a contract with which “Innocity” Ltd., UIC:204808426, address Montana, 33, Nikola Vaptsarov Str., Telephone: +359 894 52 88 62 and e-mail: office@innocity.bg or hello@varnacitycard.com, provides you with a card “Varna City Card” (hereinafter referred to as the “Card”).

The General Terms and Conditions of Use of Cards “VARNA CITY CARD” are an integral part and are applied together with the General Terms of Use of the “Varna City Card” Mobile Application (https://varnacitycard.com/terms-and-conditions-app/), and if you bought the Card through the Website – the General Terms of Use of the Website www.varnacitycard.com (https://varnacitycard.com/terms-and-conditions/), and the Personal Data Protection Policies (https://varnacitycard.com/privacy-policy/), applied by “Innocity” Ltd.

The Cards VARNA CITY CARD are available in two versions: on a technical medium (plastic) and on an identificational medium (virtual version). To be able to use Varna City Card you must purchase the latter in one of the following ways:

  • by purchasing a Card in our network of partners – only for Cards on a technical medium. Information about the places where you can buy “Varna City Card” on a technical medium can be found at the following address: www.varnacitycard.com.
  • via the Mobile application – by installing the app and selecting the “Buy Card” option – only for Cards on identificational medium (virtual version).
  • via our Website www.varnacitycard.com – by selecting the “Buy Card” option – only for Cards on identificational medium (virtual version).

Important: If you have already purchased a physical card “Varna City Card” you can synchronize it with the Application by scanning the QR code on the back of the plastic. In this manner you will generate a Card in its virtual version.

Steps for completing the card purchase agreement through the Mobile Application or through the Website:
  1. Install the Application – in order to use the ‘Varna City Card’ through the Mobile application “Varna City Card” you must first install the latter application on your device. Installing the application is free of charge.
  2. User registration (optional)– The website allows you to create your Profile account in it or use your Facebook/Google+ profile. Registration is free of charge. Purchase and use of the card is possible without a registration.You can learn more about registration from the General Terms of Use of the “Varna City Card” Mobile Application (https://varnacitycard.com/terms-and-conditions-app/) or the General terms of use of the Website www.varnacitycard.com (https://varnacitycard.com/terms-and-conditions/).
  3. Purchase of “Varna City Card” – you can buy a Card by using the menu ‘Buy Card’ in the Mobile application or on the Website. To do this you need to specify the type of card you want to buy, specify the time you want to use it (24 or 72 hours) and the number of people to use it (‘adult’ or ‘adult and child’).
  4. Payment – for making payments you will be redirected toone of the payment systems on the Website/ in the Mobile apllication.
  5. Date of conclusion of the purchase agreement for ‘Varna City Card’ – the card purchase contract is considered concluded from the moment you order the payment. After this, you shall see the QR code of Your Card visualized on your screen.
  6. Vouchers – with the purchase of “Varna City Card” you get the opportunity to visit free of charge certain tourist sites in Varna (landmarks, museums, cultural monuments) and to get certain discounts at chosen units for relax and entertainment (i.e. points of interest) at preferential terms and/or prices. These free visits or discounts on partner units are available as ‘Vouchers’. With the purchase of the Card you receive all the Vouchers and discounts that are listed in the Application or on the Website on the date on which the card purchase contract was concluded (see point 5 above) and you can use them as long as the Card expires. In the ‘Deals’ menu in the Application or on the Website, you will find information about the specific discounts you receive for all the units listed in the Application or the Website. Vouchers are used by validating them through technical devices (validators). For more information on how to use vouchers, see the section below, named ‘Terms and Methods of using the Card and Vouchers’.
Terms and Methods of using the Card and Vouchers
  1. Partner units for which the user receives vouchers, as well as vouchers themselves, are posted as a list in menu ‘Deals’ in the Mobile application or on the Website.
  2. Units where the user may receive free of charge visits or discounts are owned or managed by the Trading Partners (or the ‘Partners’) of ‘Innocity’ Ltd.
  3. The free of charge visits and discounts at the units of trading partners, listed in the ‘Varna City Card’ application and website, can be received only once.
  4. The Mobile application allows you to purchase only one ‘Varna City Card’ card in its identification medium – in its virtual version. The number of Cards you may purchase through the Website is not limited.
  5. The Card serves to prove to trading partners that the user is entitled to receive a free visit or discount at their tourist sites or points of interest.
  6. To be able to use the vouchers and receive a free visit or a discount in the units, you must provide the QR code on the Card for validation by the Trading partners. The validation is done by scanning the QR code by the employees of the tourist sites and/or the relax and entertainment units, by means of validation devices (validators).
  7. You may not provide your card to others. The card may be used only by the person who purchased it or by the person in whose benefit it was purchased.
  8. Expired cards and vouchers will not be attended by trading partners. The Cards Expire by the end of their Duration and/or Term of Validity.
  9. Duration – The term for usage of the card you purchased is 24 hours or 72 hours. This period will start running from the moment you first validate one of the vouchers listed in the ‘Deals’ menu in the Application, respectively on the Website. The type and duration of the Card can be seen in the ‘Card’menu or ‘My City Card’ menu. Once you have validated your Card, you have used it and you may continue using it until the end of the 24 – hour or 72 – hour term. The price on which we sell the Card is calculated on the basis of the prices for visits in tourist sites (which visits we provide for free} and discounts in interesting points. The price is consistent with how many and what type of units you could visit for 24 hours or 72 hours, respectively how much do the free visits and discounts cost for this number and type of units. The price cannot be arithmetically divided and for example, you cannot receive a 12-hour Card for half the price of a 24-hour card. Such a price will not be equivalent to the discounts we provide you. Therefore, Innocity Ltd. puts forth the following condition for the purchase and use of the Card and you agree with it: The Duration of the Card, once it has started running, cannot be suspended, interrupted or cancelled by you.
  10. Term of validity – Your card is valid for a period of six months from the date of conclusion of the purchase agreement under item 5, section I above. If you use the Mobile application, the validity period of the Card can be seen in the ‘My City Card’ menu in the Application.
  11. Expired cards are considered ‘used’ and the contract – ‘executed’, regardless of how many times the Card was factually used or whether the Card was factually used at all. The price you paid for the Card will not be refunded in case you did not use the Card within the term of validity, did not validate any vouchers in the said term or if you validated only part of the vouchers.
  12. Variety of cards – We provide Cards for ‘Adult’ and ‘Adult and Child’. Adult is a person over the age of 18. When you purchase the Card, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age (sui juris under the Bulgarian law).
  13. Additionally, our Trading partners may ask you to identify yourself with a document, proving your age.
  14. We cannot provide the opportunity for switching from one type of card to another. If you want to change the type or the term of use of Your Card, you need to purchase a new Card.
  15. The cost of a Card will not be refunded if you have uninstalled the Mobile application. For more information, see the “Termination” section in the General terms of use for mobile application VARNA CITY CARD (https://varnacitycard.com/terms-and-conditions-app/).
  16. The price of the Card shall not be refunded to you if you had not used the Card due to reasons beyond the control of ‘Innocity’ Ltd. Such reasons are, but are not limited to: theft of/ inability to access your profile account for reason out of the control of ‘Innocity’ Ltd.; theft or damage of your mobile device; cases, in which the Application or the Website could not function properly because you affected its programming code or settings, or you did not follow the instructions when installing the Application, and if your mobile device does not meet the necessary technical requirements for the normal operation of the application, which requirements ‘Innocity’ Ltd. has previously announced.
  17. ‘Innocity’ Ltd. reserves the right to temporarily restrict your access to the Application or/and the Website if it has not received your payment of the price of Varna City Card within 7 working days since the date of purchasing the Card (i.e. 7 working days since the date when you ordered the payment).
Rights and Responsibilities
  1. Innocity Ltd. has signed contracts with the Trading partners, by which it has secured the participation in the Program of tourist sites in Varna and the nearby region (sights, museums, cultural monuments), as well as the participation of selected relax and entertainment units (so-called interesting points).
  2. ‘Innocity’ Ltd. does not take responsibility for maintaining the same type and number of Vouchers it offered at the time the User purchased the Card and is entitled at any time to change and/or remove certain Vouchers. ‘Innocity’ Ltd. is not responsible for any damages, including losses, expenses, inconveniences and others that occurred to the User as a result of changing and/or removing a Voucher.
  3. ‘Innocity’ Ltd. has taken all the actions and measures within its reach in order to ensure that you will receive the goods and/or services in accordance with the Vouchers that are offered in the Mobile application and on the Website, and to this end the Trading partners are bound to ‘Innocity’ Ltd. by strict contractual obligations.
  4. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, Vouchers may only be serviced by the trading partners and ‘Innocity’ Ltd. shall not be liable for any damages, suffered by Users, including costs, inconvenience, etc., as a result of an unjustified denials of a Trading partners to attend to the Users, as well as damages, suffered due to poor services or any other defectiveness of the goods and/or services, offered by the Trading partners.
  5. You voluntarily visit your chosen units and ‘Innocity’ Ltd. is not responsible for their condition and/or the rules that you must observe when visiting the units. If you choose to view one of the tourist sites, included in the Program, you should follow the instructions and directions of the unit`s employees.
Right of Cancelation
  1. Users, for whom the period of validity of the Card has started running, but have not begun to use the Card (who have purchased a Card but have not used it) may withdraw from the card purchase agreement in 14 – days since the date on which they have ordered the payment and have concluded the contract, referred to in section I, point 5 above.
  2. Users who have begun running the term of use (purchased the Card and used it) before the expiration of the 14-day withdrawal period, lose the right to withdraw from the card purchase agreement.
  3. In case of cancellation of the purchase of the card, ‘Innocity’ Ltd. will refund you the paid amount for the price of the Card, according to the method of payment used by you. If the refund is not possible in this way or you have explicitly requested, we will refund the amount to a specified bank account.
  4. You do not need to specify a reason for cancelation of the purchase of the Card. You do not owe any compensations or damages for cancelation. The costs for the electronic transaction that will be needed in order to refund you are at your expense.
  5. You can cancel by sending a message to the following e-mail: office@innocity.bg, hello@varnacitycard.com or to the following address: the town of Montana, 33, Nikola Vaptsarov Str. The message may be expressed without any formal structure, but you must clearly indicate the will to opt out of the card purchase agreement. The message must contain enough information about you and the Card you purchased, from which we can identify you – such as name, address for correspondence and other details about you, date of card purchase, username, e-mail, with which you have registered your account in the Mobile application or on the Website; and your bank account in which you wish us to reimburse you. Massages, sent via an e-mail, should be sent via the e-mail with which you registered your account or be signed with a qualified electronic signature.

The message may have the following sample text:
To ‘Innocity’ Ltd., address Montana, 33, Nikol Vaptsarov Str., represented by the manager Ivaylo Todorov Iliev;
I/we* hereby notify that I am/we are* cancelling the purchase agreement for the “Varna City Card”, concluded with me/us.
The username I am/we are registered with is:
The card was purchased on the date:
The e-mail with which I have/we have* registered a profile is:
Name of the User/Users:
Address of the User/Users:
Signature of user (only if this form is on paper)
*The unnecessary text should be crossed out.

6. If you have sent us the cancellation notice electronically, you will receive confirmation of its receipt to the e-mail account, with which you have registered your profile account.
7. You will be refunded within 14 working days of receipt of the cancelation.
8. You can also use the following dispute resolution system: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=BG


The agreement for the purchase of a card between you and ‘Innocity’ Ltd. is terminated with the expiration/usage of the Card (in any of the options described in Terms and Methods of using the Card and Vouchers) as well as in the situations, described in the General terms of use for Mobile application Varna CITY CARD (https://varnacitycard.com/terms-and-conditions-app/) and/or the General terms of use for the Website www.varnacitycard.com (https://varnacitycard.com/terms-and-conditions/).

The contract, concluded between you and ‘Innocity Ltd., will be kept by us and you can access it by sending an inquiry to this e-mail: office@innocity.bg or hello@varnacitycard.com

Information on all conditions, not covered by this document, can be obtained from the mobile application or website, as well as by sending an inquiry to this e-mail: office@innocity.bg or hello@varnacitycard.com and telephone: 0894 528862.

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