Varna City Card gives you


Varna City Card gives you free admission to 10 of the top museums & galleries around the city, including the Archaeological Museum, the Aquarium, the Ethnographic Museum, Museum History of Varna, the City Art Gallery and more.

Explore the sea capital of Bulgaria and find out more about its history, traditions, culture, art and more!


Varna City Card helps you get the most of your stay. With a rich catalogue of venues where you get exclusive deals, finding an exciting new activity to enjoy with your friends and family is so easy!

Enjoy deals at popular locations – including restaurants, bars, karting tracks, wake boarding and more.


Varna City Card’s intuitive app serves as your personal sightseeing guide! It helps you see more in less time and save money. With up-to-date information about all locations, it’s a nifty way to skip queues and uncover hidden gems.

Use the app to navigate the city or mark your map for a more traditional experience!

Free admissions with City Card

Museums & Galleries

Keen on visiting Varna’s most popular museums or excited to discover lesser-known spots for art-lovers? With Varna City Card you can enjoy free admission at top locations.

We’ve carefully selected them to create an unforgettable experience for you – from archaeological sites and museums to classic and modern art venues!

Eat & Drink with City Card

Eat & Drink

Craving something truly tasty? We’ve got exciting deals to complement your breakfast, lunch, dinner and night out. Bulgarian cuisine has a rich and original flavour – don’t miss out on traditional dishes, but be ready to enjoy new interpretations of international classics as well.

Delicious discounts, a bonus side dish or cocktail – start exploring the taste of Varna!

Have Fun with City Card


Rain or sunshine, Varna City Card will help you have fun in the most extraordinary ways. If you’ve already visited all the places of interest on your map, why not go find some hidden adventures and level up your experience?

Boost your adrenaline or challenge your mind – discover our selection of fun experiences in Varna!


Pay less,  see more!

Varna City Card is available in three options – as a 24-hour pass, 48-hour pass and 72-hour pass /adult or adult & child/. You can pick it up from various locations around the city, buy it on our website or from our dedicated navigator app.


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