Roman Thermae (2nd – 3rd C. AD)

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At the end of the 2nd C.AD, the Roman Empire built thermal baths on a territory of 7.000 sq. m. which now remain the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula. They once were the center of the public life in the town.

The Roman Thermal Baths are currently the largest ancient building discovered in Bulgaria so far. The comparatively well-preserved walls outline an imposing building. The plan of the building is almost symmetrical.

The part uncovered includes all the principal premises of the baths. Visitors entered it through two entrances. Wide stairs led to the antechamber, the purpose of which was to guard the dressing rooms against cold air. The premises were faced with marble slabs.

Multicolored mosaics had been used for the decoration of the marble walls. The richness of the ornamentation makes the thermae a remarkable monument of ancient architecture in the Bulgarian lands.

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