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The Varna Aquarium is a public aquarium in Varna and its exhibition focuses on the Black Sea’s flora and fauna – which includes over 140 fish species and also features freshwater fish, Mediterranean fish, exotic species from faraway areas of the world ocean, mussels and algae.

The central hall of the Aquarium reveals an impressive collection of freshwater sea creatures in their natural habitat. In the other two exhibition halls, stuffed representatives of the world ocean can be seen that track the migration of fish. The halls visually examine the food chain in sea waters, structure and characteristics of the Black Sea. Very interesting are the numerous types of shells, mussels, algae, and microorganisms.

There is also a library of more than 30 000 scientific and technical books, textbooks and periodicals in the area of marine biology, hydrochemistry, oceanography, fisheries and fishing industry, Mariculture, Aquaristics, etc. The library keeps unique old books and maps published in the 19th century.

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