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Varna Zoo is located in the heart of the Sea Garden, next to the Dolphinarium and the Natural History Museum. The first settlers of the zoo were the Maxim bear, donated by the sailors of the squadron "G. Dimitrov" in 1956 and the red deer Longoz. Until the construction of the bumper, Maxim was chained to a tree. The bear house was inhabited in 1958, the lakes are populated with pink pelicans. By 1973-74, animals were obtained from the zoo in Sofia and from zoos abroad - kangaroo, lami, panther, penguin, swans from Berlin, etc. In 1994, there were about 50 species of animals in the zoo, the oldest being the camel Martin (24) and the bears Martin and Marga, born in 1972.

The establishment of Varna Zoo began on 30.04.1961. The main construction was created in the period 1958-1961. The designer of most of the cells was architect Bistra Markova, others were made by architect K. Karakashev. It is also a merit of the then mayor of the city Nikolai Boyadzhiev.

The zoo was officially opened in 1961 and soon became a favorite place for children and adults.

Varna Zoo offers its visitors a live exhibition of segments of the animal world represented by bird species, predators, herbivores, primates and waterfowl.

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