6 Things To Do In Varna On A Budget

So, you’ve spent months saving up money for a holiday and you’ve picked the beautiful city of Varna. What now? While spending all your hard earned cash on vacation can be fun, you might prefer to travel on a budget. How can we help you have a cheap holiday in Varna?

Finding things you can do on a budget in Bulgaria’s Sea Capital won’t be too hard if you know where to look. This is why we’ve gathered some fun suggestions which won’t break the bank – enjoy!

1/ Visit the Varna Zoo

Varna Zoo

A visit to the zoo is something that’s usually pretty fun for children and adults alike. An adult ticket to the Varna Zoo costs as little as 3 lv, which is just over 1.50 euros! A grand tour around the zoo will take you about 1 hour and you will have the chance to see some interesting animals.

The key attraction is certainly the tiger which you can see from up close, as well as the brown bear. The pink pelicans and the white peacock are amongst the zoo’s most charming residents. Overall, there are 17 protected species of birds and animals which are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria – such as the incredible black stork!

Your visit to the Zoo is free with Varna City Card!

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2/ Stroll down the City Centre & the beautiful Sea Garden

The Centre

The City Centre is a great place to start exploring Varna. There are countless shops, cafes, restaurants and attractions that are suitable for everyone. The main pedestrian zone includes the area between the “Nezavisimost” Square and the entrance of the Sea Garden, all along “Knyaz Boris I” Blvd. You’ll find it’s pretty easy to navigate through the centre and most of the key sites are located within its boundaries.

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Tourist attractions to visit in the City Centre (absolutely) free of charge:

  •  The Cathedral

Varna Cathedral

The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral is a symbol of Varna and one of the most visited places in the city. It’s always worth a stop just to admire the amazing architecture of the building. The domes (roof) are coated with gold and silver and the frescoes are amongst the most beautiful features of the cathedral. If you get a chance to see it at night you won’t be disappointed as it is beautifully lit!

  • State Opera House

Varna Opera Theatre

Although this might not be the most budget-friendly option, save the thought if you decide to treat yourself to a night of classical music. First-class tickets cost around 20 euros which isn’t that much compared to most European cities.

If you decide it’s a pass, you can still admire the beautiful building. The locals here refer to it as the ‘’the home of culture in Varna’’.

How about a good coffee spot and a bakery?

Cherry by Mary in Varna

Cherry by Mary in Varna, picture source: facebook.com/cherrybymary

Cherry by Mary is an amazing French bakery in the centre of Varna where you can try some delicious desserts. A piece of cake costs between 4 – 5 lv, which is just over 2 euros. They also have some of the best cupcakes you will find in Varna and they cost just 1.50 euros each! No reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself after a day of exploring the city.

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Sweet Parmy in Varna

Sweet Parmy in Varna, picture source: facebook.com/sweetparmy

Sweet Parmy is another great (and affordable) option in the centre of the city. Besides the mouthwatering sweet treats (by that we mean Nutella croissants) they also serve amazing Italian coffee. The place is very cosy and each cake is homemade. The prices? At 1 euro for coffee and 2 euros for most cakes, we’d say you got this!

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The Sea Garden

Sea Garden in Varna

The s is another landmark that you should absolutely visit during your stay in Varna. This incredible masterpiece of landscape architecture contains many important sites and museums such as the Zoo, Dolphinarium and the Museum of Natural Sciences.

The garden is also a prefered place to visit by locals and it’s stunning during summer when the long lanes are covered in flowers and greenery. It’s perfect for a relaxing afternoon walk with friends and family.

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3/ Visit some museums in Varna

The Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum in Varna

Probably one of the best museums that you can visit in Varna. The reason? You get to see the world’s oldest golden treasure, dating back to 4600 – 4200 BC. There are also some interesting exhibits on ancient tombs, jewellery and pottery. The room which contains Roman and Greek marble work is pretty amazing. A regular ticket costs 10 lv, which is just 5 euros.

With Varna City Card you get free admission to the museum!

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The Roman Thermae

Roman Thermae in Varna

The remains of the ancient Roman Bath Complex can still be seen in the centre of Varna. They’re incredibly well preserved and certainly worth the small fee of 5 lv (2.50 euros) to enter.

With Varna City Card you get free admission to the Roman Thermae!

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4/ Try local draft bBeer on a night out

Averi Beers
Averi beers in Varna

Averi Beers in Varna, picture source: facebook.com/averibeers

This tiny shop sells over 150 types of craft beer from all over the world. They offer hundreds of different beer brands from mostly southern and eastern Europe. A must visit place if you are a beer lover! You can buy draught beer in plastic bottles from the local brewery. It costs just 4.50 leva (a little over 2 euros) for 1 litre of IPA or pale ale. If that’s not a bargain, we don’t know what is!

The shop also has a little pub that’s a very popular spot for the locals. In summer you’d often see people socializing with friends over a cold beer, just sitting outside on the stools.

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If you’re a beer enthusiast, don’t miss the Varna Craft Beer Trail – free with Varna City Card!

Looking for some other budget-friendly places to grab a drink?
Bar Cubo in Varna

Bar Cubo in Varna, picture source: facebook.com/bar.cubo

Are you a fan of beach bars like most of the locals here? The citizens of Varna simply love bar Cubo because of the great music, nice cocktails and splendid views of the beach and the Black Sea. So if you do happen to visit Varna during the summer, head down there and enjoy a cocktail for just 4 euros.

5/ Visit Nutrio Bar – the local’s favourite (on the go) sandwich bar

Nutrio Bar in Varna

Nutrio Bar in Varna, picture source: facebook.com/nutriobar

No, they’re not a fancy 5-star restaurant but rather a more casual street food spot, that offers quality food on the go. Their main focus is the quality of the food and they never make any compromise with it. All of the ingredients are delivered daily and their dressings are made in house. Nutrio Bar offers some really amazing sandwiches that cost between 3-4 euros and you can bet they are delicious and filling!

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How about an affordable restaurant?
Godzila Restaurant in Varna

Godzila Restaurant in Varna, picture source: facebook.com/GODZILARestaurants

Godzila is a great place to go and have a meal in the centre of Varna. Their food is super delicious, their prices affordable and they offer all kinds of plates that are sure to suit everyone’s taste. The highlight of the restaurant is their BBQ range, the sushi selection and the traditional Bulgarian classics. You can have a filling meal here in just 10 euros or less!

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6/ Pay a visit to the Planetarium

Varna Planetarium

Varna Planetarium, picture source: facebook.com/astrovarnacopernicus

The Planetarium in Varna, also known as the “Nicolaus Copernicus” National Observatory and Planetarium, is certainly a good place to visit if you like astronomy. The entry fee is just 2 euros and we guarantee you’ll love the shows that demonstrate the movement of the planets around the sun. There are also quite a lot of archives where you can learn about astronomy and famous people who have studied the field.

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As you can see there’s plenty to do around Varna even if you’re on a budget. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy yourself with so many great options! Don’t forget that Varna City Card is also a great way to save – giving you free admission to 10 museums and galleries, as well as 30+ deals on food, drinks and entertainment!

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