A Guide to Varna's Night Life: Our 5 Top Picks

Varna has been a top summer vacation destination for decades. Both Bulgarians and tourists from nearby countries have long been enjoying its golden beaches, as well the breathtaking nature of the region. But the Sea Capital can offer far more than just pretty beaches! This modern, vibrant town is bursting with culture, entertainment and many lively places where you can go and enjoy good music and a drink with friends.

A great way to begin a night out is to do the Varna Craft Beer Trail – a degustation tour which will help you get to know the local beer culture. It’s free with Varna City Card!

Now that you’re ready to party, here are our top picks to help you get to know and experience the best of Varna nightlife!

1/ Култура Speakeasy bar (Kultura Speakeasy bar)

Kultura Speakeasy Bar Varna

Kultura Speakeasy Bar Varna, picture source: facebook.com/kulturaspeakeasybar

This hidden gem is the locals’ favourite cocktail bar in Varna. The drinks are beautiful and taste just as good as they look. Култура Speakeasy bar is located in the centre of town and it has long been praised for the amazing quality of every drink.

Not sure what to try? The bartender is very knowledgable and will gladly help you with your choices. The venue itself is very tastefully decorated, with dim lighting and cosy atmosphere. In the cocktail menu, you’ll find all kinds of new and creative cocktails that sound, look and taste delicious. No skimping on the alcohol here either!

Here’s how to get there from the Tourist information centre >

2/ Horizont Club

Horizont Club in Varna

Horizont Club in Varna, picture source: facebook.com/Club.Horizont

Horizont Club is one of the oldest clubs in Varna. Unlike other places, this one has kept its name since the very beginning. There are regular parties with live music and DJ’s there so you can easily dance the night away while having fun with friends. The club also hosts thematic events such as ‘’retro nights’’ so the lovers of old hits can enjoy some of the best classics from past eras.

The club is part of a much larger complex, which also happens to have a restaurant and cafe. You can also come during the day, get a nice cocktail or a coffee and just relax. The view from the garden is amazing and there is enough room for children to play around freely.

Here’s how to get there from the Tourist information centre >

3/ Bar Brand

Brand Bar Varna

Brand Bar Varna, picture source: facebook.com/elianbrand

If you’re not a fan of loud, seaside clubs then Bar Brand might just be the place for you. This bar probably has the cosiest atmosphere than any other in the city. It’s located between a line of shops in the main pedestrianised shopping area. A passageway leads to a small cosy beer bar full of comfy sofas. The beers are on draft and by the bottle and there are some good examples of popular local brands.

If you want to grab a drink with a couple of friends, spend some time with your significant other, listening to great music and having lovely conversations, then Bar Brand is the place for you. The bar also offers a great selection of locally produced cask ales, wines and some incredible single malt whiskies.

Here’s how to get there from the Tourist information centre >

4/ Cubo

Sound check

Gepostet von Cubo am Freitag, 13. Juli 2018

Bar Cubo is one of the best beach bars in all of Varna and the locals’ favourite spot to hang out in the warmer months. People really love this place particularly for their Sunday afternoon parties. The outdoor area includes plenty of chairs and tables where you can relax on the sand while enjoying a drink with friends. There is also a second level deck and indoor lounge area (for cold spring days/evenings) which is a nice place to hang out and even drink coffee during the day.

There’s a great variety of drinks to choose from (best mojitos in town) and in the warm months, you can expect many events with live music!

Here’s how to get there from the Tourist information centre >

You can find many more amazing spots just like this even by just walking around town. Varna certainly has enough culture and entertainment to spoil even the fussiest of tastes. Simply put, nightlife in Varna is amazing so don’t miss out on it if you’re ever in the Sea Capital. And if you’d like to explore even further, don’t forget to check out the amazing discounts you get with Varna City Card!

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