Best Cheap Eats In Varna, Bulgaria

Varna might be one of the most popular resort cities on the Black Sea coast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy amazing local food even if you’re on a budget. There are plenty of budget restaurants in Varna as well as cafes and street food joints where you can have yourself a delicious, affordable meal. Here are our best picks!

1/ Nutrio Bar

Nutrio Bar Varna

Nutrio Bar Varna, picture source:

The number one spot goes to the best street food joint in town – Nutrio Bar. It’s the perfect place to stop by for a quick lunch or even breakfast. Locals and tourists can’t get enough of it since the prices are very affordable and the portions (and sizes of the sandwiches) quite generous. There is a great variety of sandwiches to choose from as well as fresh salads, smoothies, raw desserts and meal boxes. Everything is always super tasty and freshly prepared for you.

Best things to try here

When it comes to the food boxes, our top pick has to be the slow-cooked beef with steamed broccoli and rice. The sandwiches are harder to choose from since there are so many delicious options! Try the turkey and bacon sandwich, the smoked salmon and capers, or the one with Italian salami.

A sandwich will cost you just 2.50 euros and the food boxes are 3 euros each.

Order from home

You can order food from Nutrio Bar using one of the local popular delivery systems: Food Panda Varna and Takeaway.

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2/ Le Chef Sevastopol

Le Chef Sevastopol Varna

Le Chef Sevastopol Varna, picture source:

Another typical Bulgarian fast food joint worth visiting, Le chef offers an amazing selection of doner kebabs (“дюнери” in Bulgarian). They make you really full! Also, they are wrapped in cardboard boxes, so that you can conveniently walk and eat at the same time.

You can choose from a variety of about 20 (wrap-type) sandwiches made with pita bread. There is seating available on the second floor, and during the summer there are tables outside. You also can order online.

A doner will cost you between 2.50 – 3.50 euros, depending on the size you want.

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3/ Parmy Restaurant

Restaurant Parmy Varna

Restaurant Parmy Varna, picture source:

This charming, family-run restaurant is located inside the beautiful Sea Garden. It’s absolutely unbeatable in terms of value for money, quality of food and service. This is probably why the locals visit it so much so keep in mind it can get pretty busy, especially on weekends.

Parmy is a family-friendly place, with a spacious garden overlooking the sea that’s perfect for those with children. The setting is also quite cosy and intimate so it’s suitable for a romantic dinner with a loved one as well.

What to eat here
Parmy Restaurant Varna

Parmy Restaurant Varna, picture source:

Visit this place for lunch and you can save yourself a bit of money while eating freshly prepared food. The restaurant offers a daily lunch menu with delicious and cheap meals. During summer you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood specialities. Try the fish soup, it’s delicious!

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4/ Morski Valk

Morski Valk Varna

Morski Valk Varna, picture source:Морски-Вълк-737728256282481

If you want to enjoy a traditional, hot cooked meal at an affordable price, then you should definitely visit Morski Valk (“Sea Wolf” in Bulgarian). The quality of the food is great and the staff is friendly. A full meal will cost you around 10 lv, which is just 5 euros. Sounds like a pretty good bargain, right? For that, you get a plate of meat (pork or chicken for example), a traditional salad (Shopska) or the classic – the yoghurt soup called Tarator. Top that with a nice cold beer and you get your money’s worth! Definitely worth a stop for those on a tight budget.

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5/ UNO Street Foods

Uno Street Foods Varna

Uno Street Foods Varna, picture source:

You can find this popular fast-food chain inside Grand Mall Varna. Uno Street Foods is great food done right, freshly prepared right in front of you. Their kitchen offers all kinds of tasty sandwiches, sides and even international classics such as falafel in pita bread. The falafel is made from scratch and they never use frozen ones!

The price range here for a full meal is somewhere between 3 – 9 lv, which is roughly from 1 – 5 euros. You can also try their amazing milkshakes, smoothies and fresh juices.

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Eating on a budget while in Varna doesn’t have to hard. There are more than enough places around town where you can enjoy a delicious meal without having to spend too much money so make sure to visit some of them when in town. And if you’ve decided to try the very best but still want to save – why not get a few great deals with Varna City Card?

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