Best Places To Take Your Children In Varna

Going on a family vacation means that you not only need to plan for yourself, but you’ll also need to make sure there are enough activities to suit every member of your family. Children in particular! But don’t worry because Varna – Bulgaria’s Sea Capital, has more than enough places where you can go and have fun even with the littlest ones.

Here are some of our top picks of where to take your child while in Varna!

1/ Varna Aquarium

Varna Aquarium

The aquarium is certainly one of the best places to visit with your child. It’s very cheap to enter and it’s usually very entertaining for all children. The exotic fish collection is one of the highlights of the aquarium as it gives the little ones the chance to see all kinds of new fish they’ve probably never seen before. Other participants in the aquarium’s exhibition are examples of the Black Sea’s flora and fauna which includes over 140 fish species from here and abroad.

Tickets: Adult – 4 lv, Children 3-6 years – 1 lv, Students 7+ 2 lv. Free with Varna City Card!

Here’s how to get there from the Tourist Information Centre >

2/ Varna Zoo

The Zoo in Varna

The zoo in Varna will not disappoint even the fussiest of children! There are enough animals there to keep the young ones entertained for at least an hour or two. The main attraction of the zoo is usually the tiger who truly fascinates all audiences. There is also a giant brown bear, deers, camels and some cute monkeys.

For the kids who like birds, there is a large area with a lake where they can see some rare species such as pink pelicans, black stork or a lovely swan family.

Tickets: Children under 3 – free, Students 7+ 2 lv, Adults – 3 lv. Free with Varna City Card!

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3/ Amusement Park Sea Garden

Looking for a way to spend some time outdoors but not on the beach? Head towards the sea and look for the amazing Amusement Park Sea Garden! It offers kids and their parents fun ways to cool off in the summer heat, make new memories and even new friends. Among the many attractions you will find fun train rides, carousels, boats, clowns and many more. If you’re hungry, you can also grab something to eat and drink – choose from delish pizza, ice cream, a refreshing drink…

With Varna City Card you get free entry to an attraction of your choice!

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4/ Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural Sciences Varna

If you prefer to take your child somewhere where they can learn something new, you should definitely stop by the Museum of Natural History. This is yet another gem located inside the Sea Garden and a great chance to get to know the flora, fauna and history of the region of the Black Sea.

There is a special exhibition area inside the museum dedicated to educating students on the concept of evolution. Children will have the chance to learn more about fields such as Geology and Paleontology, Botany, Vertebrate and Invertebrate Zoology.

Tickets: Adults – 3 lv, Students 7+ 2 lv, Children under 6 – free

Here’s how to get there from the Tourist information centre >

5/ Festa Dolphinarium

Varna Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium is one of the biggest attractions in the city and an important symbol for the Sea Capital. This is the only dolphinarium on the entire Balkans so if you do visit Varna don’t pass on a chance to see one of the amazing dolphin shows. They really are one of a kind and your children will absolutely love them! The dolphins are very well trained and they give the audience quite a show, which includes several balls being thrown to the crowd.

Buy tickets online to avoid queues and to get a discount. Ticket costs vary according to the season (15-25 lv)

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6/ Naval Museum

Naval Museum Varna

The Naval Maritime Museum contains over 100 000 exhibits (both indoor and outdoor). It’s suitable for those who want to learn about the naval history of Bulgaria and those who are just curious about what life at sea is like. The exhibits include ancient anchors, sailors’ and officers’ uniforms, figureheads, flags, ship mines, cannons and a huge variety of military hardware including helicopters and missiles in all shapes and sizes. As you can imagine, this is absolute heaven for most boys!

The legendary Bulgarian Torpedo Boat “Drazki” is one of the highlights of the museum and it certainly is an impressive site. You can walk inside the ship and see the interior for yourself!

Tickets: Adults – 5 lv, Students 7+ – 2 lv, Children under 6 – free. 

* visit to the “Drazki” boat is paid separately

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7/ Astronomical observatory “Nicolaus Copernicus”

Planetarium Varna

A trip to a planetarium will get most kids excited at just the thought of it. The observatory in Varna is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. From 1998 up until now, the planetarium has been visited by over 800 000 people.

The main attraction of the planetarium is without a doubt the projector inside the sky theatre which projects 5500 stars on a hemispherical dome with a diameter of over 10 meters! Special tech demonstrates the movement of the planets around the sun from a viewpoint situated 5 billion km away from Earth!

Tickets: Adults – 4 lv, Children 6+ 2 lv, Children under 6 – free

Here’s how to get there from the Tourist information centre >

8/ Sea Garden

Varna Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is one of the most stunning places in Varna as well as one of the most frequently visited locations for locals and tourists alike. The long lanes, greenery, beautiful sea views and relaxing atmosphere make it a favourite place, suitable for the entire family. The garden makes for a perfect afternoon stroll.

Inside the Sea Garden in Varna

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The Curved Tree

Curved Tree in Sea Garden

The unique shape of the tree has formed naturally and is a very popular spot for children who are often fascinated with it!

Ready to have some fun with your children while on holiday? There are plenty of options in Varna – guaranteed to keep the little ones happy during your stay here. And with Varna City Card you will also be able to save & see more!

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