Best Vegan & Vegetarian Places In Varna

Are you visiting Varna soon and are worried there might not be enough vegetarian/vegan options for you? Fear not because the Sea Capital of Bulgaria has more than enough places that can accommodate the needs of those who choose to eat meat-free. Here are some of the best places where you can enjoy vegetarian and vegan food in Varna!

1/ Angel’s

Angel's Bistro Varna

Angel’s Bistro Varna, picture source:

If you prefer a hot, cooked meal instead of a hummus sandwich, Angel’s is the place for you. This cosy bistro is located in the heart of Varna and is currently one of the best places in town where you can enjoy a delicious meat-free & homemade meal. About 95% of the dishes there are vegan and made mostly with organic ingredients. Portion sizes are flexible since you pay only for what you put on your plate. This self-serving restaurant has been praised by travellers for the good quality of the food!

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2/ Nutrio Bar

Nutrio Bar Varna

Nutrio Bar Varna, picture source:

While they are not entirely vegetarian (or a 5-star restaurant), Nutrio Bar is one of the local’s favourite casual street food spots. They offer an amazing variety of sandwiches, salads, smoothies, raw desserts and meal boxes. The quality of the food is great and everything is always freshly prepared. The highlight is certainly the sandwiches which are very affordable (3-4 euros) and make for a great lunch on the go.

Some suggestions on what to try

Go for the vegan salad, pancakes with vegetables or the sandwich with avocado and fresh mozzarella.

Pro Tip

Feel like staying in and ordering from home? You can order food from Nutrio Bar using one of the local popular delivery systems: Food Panda Varna and Takeaway.

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3/ Vegetarian Restaurant Vege Joy

Vegge Joy Varna

Vegge Joy Varna, picture source:

Located just a few steps away from the main city promenade, Vege Joy restaurant will delight you with an incredible variety of tasty vegan/vegetarian dishes. A real blessing for those who would prefer their food cooked with love and attention in a meat-free kitchen by a vegetarian chef! Sounds like a winner right?

There is a daily lunch menu with some very budget-friendly options. The menu is always interesting, with a non-pretentious touch of gourmet. Visitors’ favourites are the Indian style dishes and the ginger lemonade.

With Varna City Card you get 50% off the pizza menu at Vege Joy!

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4/ Morski Valk

Morski Valk in Varna

Morski Valk in Varna, picture source:

Although Bulgarians are big fans of meat, you’d be surprised to know that our traditional local cuisine actually includes many vegetarian options that are well-known and loved across the country. Locals like to visit this restaurant because of the good quality food, affordable prices and large portions.

Try Bulgaria’s meat-free traditional cuisine classics

So what are some of the vegetarian options in Bulgarian cuisine? For starters, the famous Shopska salad is a must-try! It’s made of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped onions, parsley and is topped with amazing Bulgarian feta (white cheese).

Another all-time classic is the cold yoghurt soup – tarator. It’s basically yoghurt with water and chopped cucumbers, dill, garlic – seasoned with a bit of oil/salt. If you like beans, you can try the bean soup/stew dishes. They are very warming and super tasty. For a final, banitsa is pretty much every local’s favourite food growing up. It’s a delicious baked pastry (kind of like lasagna), layered with a mixture of feta, eggs and butter.

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5/ Happy Bar & Grill

Happy in Varna

Happy in Varna, picture source:

Happy is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the country. A lot of foreign tourists prefer to visit Happy because of the good service, friendly, English speaking staff and the amazing quality of the food. They have several menus including one with traditional local food, Mediterranean options as well as a very large sushi menu.

The restaurant offers plenty of meat-free options that are super delicious. There’s a large variety of soups, grilled vegetables, rice dishes as well as fresh salads that you can enjoy. What to try? The quinoa balls and the spinach balls with yoghurt sauce are amongst the tastiest veggie plates. You can also check out their vegetarian menu online.

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As you can see, there are plenty of places in Varna where you can enjoy a meat-free meal. Our traditional cuisine includes many vegetarian options so make sure to try some of them while in town. They are delicious!

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