The Best Seafood Restaurants In Varna, Bulgaria

Varna is one of the most popular resort cities on the entire Black Sea Coast. It’s loved by locals and tourists alike and we can certainly agree with them. Amongst the amazing beaches, vibrant culture and lively night scene, you’ll discover that Varna also offers some delicious local cuisine. Here are the top Varna seafood restaurants where you can try local, fresh fish as well as all kinds of seafood delicacies!

1/ Mr Baba

Restaurant Mr Baba in Varna

Restaurant Mr Baba in Varna, picture source:

The spectacular thing about Mr Baba (besides the amazing food) is that it’s actually housed inside a real size 15th-century galleon ship. It’s a very classy spot where you can enjoy a romantic evening with a loved one. There is a captain’s cabin where you can reserve a table (upon request) for such occasions and the atmosphere is very intimate and cosy.

There are also plenty of indoor seatings that you can choose from as well as some on the open deck. Whatever you decide you will be able to enjoy a wonderful view of the beach and the sea.

Mr Baba in Varna

Mr Baba in Varna, picture source:

The Food

The restaurant offers many options for the lovers of fish. There’s a wide range of dishes, prepared with fresh, local fish and many delicious seafood specialities. Some good things to try? Don’t pass on the seafood risotto, the clams with thyme and garlic, and the fried carp (a local’s favourite).

The Wine

The restaurant offers an incredible selection of wines from local to international, that will go perfectly with any type of fish or seafood. There is a sommelier on board so be sure you will be stirred towards the right choice!

You can find the restaurant on the sands of South Beach at the end of the Sea Garden. 

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2/ Captain Cook

Restaurant Captain Cook Varna

Restaurant Captain Cook Varna, picture source:

Captain Cook is an incredibly stylish restaurant, with a beautiful interior and a very cosy atmosphere. Situated on a panoramic floor inside the trade centre of the iconic Port Station, the restaurant welcomes its guests with a nice summer terrace from which they can enjoy the beautiful views of the bay.

The Food
Captain Cook in Port Varna

Captain Cook in Port Varna, picture source:

The highlight of the restaurant’s menu is the rich selection of fresh fish that is often caught, cooked and served all on the same day. This means you can taste amazing local fish that simply can’t get any fresher! The chef of the restaurant has 7 emblematic ways in which he prepares all fish plates so you will certainly get to try something new and unique.

Their meat specialities are also on a whole different level, including the finest beef and fresh seasonal products. What to try? Don’t pass on a chance to try the Catfish cooked on Josper Barbeque grill or the crab and mussel’s salad. For reservations, call them up on +359 882 999 002.

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3/ The Sea Terrace

The Sea Terrace in Varna

The Sea Terrace in Varna, picture source:

The Sea Terrace is arguably one of the best restaurants in Varna where you can go and enjoy an amazing selection of local cuisine, fresh fish and seafood, as well as some Mediterranean classics. And if you’ve already guessed by the name there is indeed a sunny terrace which has some nice views of the sea. You can find the restaurant along the Central Beach Alley. For reservations call them up on +359 882 50 50 50.

What to try? We recommend the fried calamari with saganaki sauce, the Nile Perch fillet with coconut rice and roasted cherry tomatoes, and last but not least, the amazing Italian platter (great for 2). These will go perfectly with a glass of chilled Rose, so do ask for the wine list.

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4/ El Kapan

Restaurant El Kapan Varna

Restaurant El Kapan Varna, picture source:

Restaurant El Kapan has been rated as #5 out of 274 Restaurants in Varna, according to TripAdvisor. The place is known for its rather exotic vibe, Carribean inspired cuisine and interesting selection of artisan cocktails. You can find it along the Central Beach Alley so if you do find yourself in search of something a little different do stop by for an ungettable evening. Prefer to make a reservation? Call them up on +359 88 377 897 and get yourself a nice table with a view.

The Food
El Kapan in Varna

El Kapan in Varna, picture source:

What’s good to try here? Their seafood delicacies are certainly one of a kind! Calamari, prawns, clams, octopus – whatever you prefer in any way that you like it (grilled, baked, fried), seasoned and prepared according to original recipes. Top that with a glass of local red wine (Mavrud).

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Being one of the country’s leading seaside resort towns, Varna certainly has enough to accommodate the needs of every seafood lover. The next time you’re visiting make sure to check out some, if not all of these amazing restaurants – and don’t forget to take a look at the deals included in Varna City Card!

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