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Aladzha Monastery is one of the few cave monasteries in Bulgaria. It's situated in a beautiful area 18km north of Varna, near Zlatni Pyasatsi Resort (Golden Sands Resort), in the center of Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park (Golden Sands Nature Park).

There are no reliable historical records as to when the monastery was established, but there is evidence that it already existed in the 10th – 12th centuries.

The monastery premises are carved and arranged on two levels in a limestone rock that is almost 40m high. The monastery church, the monastery cells, the refectory, the kitchen, the small cemetery church, the crypt (ossuary), and the farm premises are all situated on the first level.

The second level is a natural rock recess in the eastern part of which lies the monastery chapel.

Nowadays Aladzha Monastery is a popular tourist attraction visited by thousands of tourists. The combination of beautiful scenery, historic and Christian landmarks makes this place perfect for cultural, religious and ecological tourism.

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