Beach Day Trip: Best Beaches Near Varna

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a really unique place, full of hidden treasures. How often can you vacation on a wild beach, swim in crystal clear waters or walk through the thick forests of a protected natural reserve? 

If you need some ideas where to stay on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – we’ve done the research for you, just look here >>

Once you arrive, don’t just settle for the nearest beach but check out some of the most beautiful beaches you will find on a day trip South of Varna!

1/ Pasha Dere (10 km from Varna)

Pasha dere beach, Bulgaria

This small piece of paradise is the perfect spot to relax if you prefer something quieter, away from the crowded city beaches. Pasha Dere is considered one of the most beautiful places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It’s famous for its wild nature, clean beaches and lack of urbanization. 

A beautiful, wild beach with pristine nature (perfect for the lovers of camping)

The beaches in Pasha Dere are mostly visited by young people who camp and lodge there during the summer. The whole area is a protected natural landmark. The sea is extremely clean, rich in marine species, the beach is wide and without any construction sites. The forest behind the beach has nice shade and people often set up their tents there and spend a few days just relaxing by the sea and enjoying nature.

For those who are not keen on sleeping in a tent, there are a few guest houses not far from the beach (5-10 km). There are no restaurants or cafes anywhere on the beach however so most people pack a cooling bag full of food, drinks and snacks.

A few local tips and hacks

Locals like to use the rocky parts of the beach (or river) where the waters are shallow as a natural cooler for keeping their drinks cold (best done in mornings and nights when the temperatures are lower).

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2/ Kamchia (30 km from Varna)

Kamchia beach, Bulgaria

The wide sandy beaches of Kamchia are a quiet, peaceful place with untouched nature. The sea here is shallow for more than 3 meters in, so you can relax in the crystal clear waters all day long. The Kamchia reserve is famous for its unique nature and the calm river which is a popular canoeing/kayaking spot.

A cosy, affordable resort with facilities

It’s the perfect place for those who prefer to spend their summer vacation around wild beaches and thick forests. And the best part? The prices at the Kamchia resort are more than reasonable. The complex includes a post office, really cheap restaurants and cafes, a night bar, tennis courts and children’s playgrounds.

Kamchia Biosphere Reserve

The resort lies in the heart of the reserve in Kamchia. Many protected species of plants and animals live here and it’s also an interesting place where you can see how the Kamchia river flows into the sea.

Adventure on the Kamchia river

You can take a boat trip down the river or go for something more exciting. Check out Bulteam Adventures – Day Tours, they often organize adventure trips around the area such as caving, biking, canoeing and kayaking.

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3/ Shkorpilovtsi (45 km from Varna)

Shkorpilovtsi beach, Bulgaria

Shkorpilovtsi has the longest and widest beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The beach is 13 km long and in places 100 meters wide. The long, pure sand strip is equally attractive to the guest of the hotels as well as camping fans.

Even though it’s not largely developed yet, its close proximity to Varna makes it a popular destination for tourists. The whole area of Shkorpilovtsi is an excellent example of an ecologically clean region which blends with wild beaches and woods. But unlike the other wild beaches in the region, this one offers plenty of facilities, places to stay and nice restaurants all around.

Feel like treating yourself to something fancy?

If you decide you want more than an afternoon at the beach, you can get a celebrity treatment with world-class service at Long Beach Resort & Spa. This highly rated, all-inclusive hotel offers apartments with direct access to the Shkorpilovtsi beach and is a favourite amongst locals and tourists. It has everything you could possibly need for your vacation, all in one place. There are minerals pools (both inside and outside), amazing lounging areas, a gym and some high-class restaurants. And the Spa there is just the best. Treat yourself to a warm mineral pools, hot tub, sauna, Turkish hammam and a salt room of Himalayan salt bricks!

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4/ Karadere (55 km from Varna)

Kara dere beach, Bulgaria

Karadere is a favourite place for camping fans, nature lovers and adventurers. The beach is long and wide, free of development and away from civilization. It’s mostly used for camping. In summer people gather here and spend long summer nights in front of campfires just playing the guitar, socializing and sleeping under the stars.

What to expect when there

Karadere is located north of the town Byala (8 km away), which is the closest “civilized” place in the area. There are no facilities, shops or restaurants near the beach (no 5-star hotels either). There is no phone service or electricity, too!

Some tips on what to pack

Bring plenty of food and drinking water, preferably a cooling bag you can plug into your car, some snacks, a mosquito spray and a long sleeve shirt (it can get a little chilly and windy in the night).

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5/ Irakli (71 km from Varna)

Irakli beach, Bulgaria

Irakli beach, picture source:

Irakli is one of the last wild beaches on the Black Sea Coast. The whole area is a true paradise, ecologically clean with rich nature, crystal clear waters and almost white sand. It is included in the list of protected areas and many rare species of plants and birds can be found here.

The beach is situated 4 km from the village of Banya and is mostly visited by young people who prefer wild nature over the overcrowded resorts. There are many tents along the beach and in the woods as entire families live at Irakli throughout the summer.

The Camping site

You can stay at Camping Irakli which is located 50 meters from the beach. The camping site has all the necessary facilities – water, electricity, WiFi, barbeque, washing machine and toilets/bathrooms. There’s a nearby grocery store where you get supplies and to put your tent in the camping site will cost you less than 10 lv a day! 

Local Traditions

In Bulgaria, there’s a tradition called July Morning which started around the hippie era between the 1960–1980s. Usually, in the days before the 1st of July, people from across the country travel to Irakli and watch the sunrise on the morning of the 1st.

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Whatever your holiday style, one thing is for sure: you don’t have to settle for overcrowded resorts when your heart longs for a secluded beach. The Black Sea is a hidden gem with so many places to discover and the region of Varna is a great example of some of the best beaches in Bulgaria! 

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