Bulgarian Rose Water: 5 Reasons To Add It To Your Daily Cosmetic Routine

Roses have long been a national symbol of Bulgaria. The country is one of the largest producers (and exporters) of rose oil in the world and many top-shelf brands are known to use the rose oil derived from the native Rosa Damascena in their beauty products and perfumes. Similarly, rose water is just as well recognized and used in the cosmetic industry due to its many health and beauty benefits. The fragrant essence is extremely versatile and can be easily used at home as part of a balanced daily routine. It’s been thought that even Cleopatra regularly included rose water in her beauty regime. Why not try it for yourself? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should add Bulgarian rose water to your daily cosmetic routine!

The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Flower

Rose harvest in Bulgaria

Rose harvest in Bulgaria, picture source: facebook.com/rosefestivalkz/

There are thousands of different rose varieties in the world (over 7000 to be precise), however, not all of them are oil-bearing roses that can be used for the production of high quality rose oil or water. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena flower has been cultivated for more than 3 centuries and is amongst the best oil-bearing rose varieties in the world. It’s grown in the famous “Rose Valley” near the town of Kazanlak.

The Rose Festival in Kazanlak

Rose Festival Kazanlak

Rose Festival Kazanlak, picture source: facebook.com/rosefestivalkz/

Since rose harvest is such a big deal around here it makes sense that there’s a festival dedicated to the cultivation of roses in Bulgaria! The annual celebration takes place in Kazanlak and every year it attracts many foreign visitors. The festivities in the annual programme include workshops about rose cultivation, the selection and crowning of a ‘’Rose Queen’’, as well as a market with an incredible variety of rose products such as liquors, rose jams, elixirs, natural cosmetics and rose oil.

How Rose Water is made

Making rose water

Making rose water, picture source: facebook.com/rosefestivalkz/

Rose water is produced through the careful process of steam distillation of fresh rose petals. When done properly this method ensures that the end product contains nutritious juices as well as pure rose oil. The water produced from the distillation of roses is well-known for its multiple health and beauty benefits that go far beyond it being just a cosmetic ingredient. Rose water has amazing rejuvenating, soothing and calming properties that literally leave your skin glowing afterwards.

Drinking Rose Water

When taken internally, rose water has several health benefits. Some of them include:

– The promotion of a healthy digestive system
– Helps clear out toxins from the body and liver
– Balancing energy levels

*Not all types of rose water on the market are suitable for internal use so do check before purchasing.

5 reasons (and ways) to incorporate Rose Water into your daily cosmetic routine:

Rose Damascena Bulgaria

Rose Damascena Bulgaria, picture source: facebook.com/rosefestivalkz/

1/ As a natural toner

Rose water spray bottle

Toning is one of the most crucial parts of any skin care routine although many people often neglect it. Using a toner on your skin helps remove any residual dirt and oils, balances the pH level of the sin and prepares it for optimal hydration.

One of the most popular ways to use rose water is as a natural toner. The reason? This fragrant, skin-loving essence is suitable for all skin types including even the most sensitive skin. Using pure rose water as toner is also far better than using a chemically infused one which will most likely contain alcohol and dry out the skin. Rose water is an excellent toner, with incredible pH balancing properties. It greatly aids in the removal of excess oils, any makeup leftovers or dirt from your skin. Your skin is left cleansed, nourished and ready for any treatments that are to follow!

2/ As an ingredient to a DIY face mask

Diy face mask with rose water

Rose water makes for an excellent ingredient in any DIY face mask. You can add a small amount of rose water to pretty much any kind of mixture as it is suitable for every skin type. Rose water is very good for boosting hydration in dry skin, all while adding a healthy glow to dull, tired skin. For extra freshness and added moisture you can mix small amounts of rose water to your moisturisers and DIY masks.

Some of our favourite DIY face masks with rose water:

  • Moroccan Rhassoul Clay & Rose Water Face Mask – The mask itself is exceptionally easy to make as it consists of only these two ingredients! The clay has strong purifying qualities and leaves the skin feeling clean, clear and soft, without stripping it of its essential oils.
  • Oatmeal, organic rose leaf powder, rose water – This powerful combo is great for adding moisture to the skin. Oatmeal soothes red, irritated skin and also acts as a natural cleanser.
  • Honey, avocado, lemon and rose water – The avocado and rose water are packed with nourishing, skin-loving properties and honey, on the other hand, is known for its antibacterial and acne fighting abilities. The fresh lemon juice will tighten your pores and even out the skin tone, refreshing your complexion.
3/ Natural hair treatment

Hair mask with rose water

Rose water has some amazing benefits for the hair too. It’s known to be great in replenishing lost moisture as well as making hair more manageable, smoother, shinier and healthier. Rose water effectively combats and reduces dandruff. Its anti-inflammatory properties increase scalp circulation, promoting hair growth. 

You can also use rose water a hair conditioner. After shampooing, use a cup full of rose water as a final rinse. This helps condition the hair deeply, adding a healthy shine you will simply just love. And a fragrance that will linger all day!

4/ Rose water as a natural face mist and setting spray

Face spray with rose water

Face mists are the ultimate multi-taskers. They are great for refreshing the skin after a long day and help to cleanse, tone and hydrate the skin along with restoring the skin’s natural pH balance. Spraying rose water on your face throughout the day will keep sebum production balanced and it will generally give you a refreshing feeling every time you use it. The best part about it? Rose water is gentle enough for frequent use and is suitable for all seasons. No doubt one of the handiest things you can ever have in your makeup bag.

You can spray rose water directly on top of makeup and use it as a setting spray in the initial stages of applying your makeup. This will give your face a nice dewy finish. 

5/ Rose water helps certain skin conditions

Rose water helps skin conditions

Rose water is known to soothe certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis so if you’re suffering from any of those or any kind of skin irritation be sure that rose water can help! The water’s cooling properties along with its anti-inflammatory powers will significantly reduce any aggravated skin.

Rose water is also very effective in treating sunburns. The water will not only help soothe your skin but it will also accelerate the healing process. Refrigerate some rose water in a spray bottle and use it in the summertime, especially after a long day out in the sun. The cooling sensation is extremely pleasant and the water will soothe any sunburned or irritated areas.

Pure rose water has truly exceptional benefits for the human skin and makes for a great addition to any beauty regime. Now that you know just how beneficial rose water is there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. Just remember to always purchase high quality rose water to ensure you get the most out of it. You can get your daily dose of this fragrant treat at our partners Balkanik Souvenir Shop. And if you’re looking for other cool things to shop around Varna, we’re here to help!

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