Top 10 Spring Experiences In Varna

With spring in full bloom, it might be tempting to open up your summer wardrobe, pack a suitcase and set on an adventure somewhere new. And just as the new season draws in you can bet Bulgaria’s sea capital is blooming with beauty, nature and adventure at every corner. This is why we’ve prepared 10 spring experiences for you to enjoy the next time you travel in Varna!

1/ Go on a leisurely stroll down the Sea Garden

Sea Garden in Varna

If there’s one place in Varna where you can really feel the charm of the city it would certainly be the Sea Garden. The park is considered the largest landscaped park on the Balkans and is an important tourist attraction as well as a national monument of landscape architecture.

Over the years the Sea Garden has become one of the main symbols of the city, and is still a preferred location for visits and taking leisurely walks. Its visitors can encounter many sights there, including an aquarium, a dolphinarium, a Maritime museum and even a zoo. There are countless long alleys inside the park with beautiful flowers where you can take a walk, relax and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

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2/ Visit the Sea Port – the locals’ prefered place for walk and relaxation

Varna Port and Lighthouse

The Sea Port is certainly one of the most vibrant and visited places in Varna during the warmer months. The recreational and entertainment zone which is entirely pedestrianized opened in 2016 and it has been delighting the citizens of Varna ever since. Locals and tourists go there to take a walk, relax, do some shopping and grab a bite with friends and family at one of the restaurants or cafes.

If you walk up to the lighthouse the views to Asparuhovo, cape Galata and the northern part of the beach will be absolutely worth it. Captain Cook is a great restaurant at the port where you can try some local fresh fish and many seafood specialities.

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3/ Enjoy magnificent views of Varna at the Galata Panoramic Site

Galata Panoramic Site Varna

The Galata Panoramic Site is one of those places you simply can’t afford to miss if you’re ever in Varna, especially in spring and summer. The panoramic balcony reveals one of the most breathtaking views of the city and is perfect for taking pictures.

If you visit it during the day you will be able to see all of the city and the beach area until St. St. Constantine and Helena. In the evening you can enjoy the beautiful lights that gleam over Varna. The panoramic site is a popular place so you’ll often see locals just hanging out there.

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4/ Central Beach and Coastal Alley

Varna Central Beach and Alley

This is yet another popular place often visited by locals and guests of the city. The central coastal alley consists of several kilometres of pedestrian zone and is perfect for a stroll any time of the day. During the warmer months, the alley is full of people walking around, socializing, enjoying themselves and making use of the countless cafes and restaurants along the beach and alley.

And while springtime might be a little early for a swim in the sea you can certainly enjoy a nice walk, watch a beautiful sunset or eat a delicious meal at one of the restaurants. The Sea Terrace is a great place to have lunch or dinner. The terrace on the second floor offers some spectacular views of the sea.

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5/ Take a walk through the City Centre

Varna Centre

What about a place where you can feel the lively town atmosphere and enjoy some entertainment and shopping? The centre of Varna is just the place for that. There are more than enough shops, bars, cafes and restaurants to keep you entertained all day long.

On warm, sunny days the centre is perfect for just walking around. Strolling down you’ll surely find it convenient that you can visit many of the town’s key sights on foot. The centre is close to the Sea Garden, central coastal alley and beach and many historical landmarks such as the Cathedral, State Opera and Roman Thermae Baths.

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6/ See some ancient history at the Roman Thermae

Roman Thermae in Varna

The ancient Bath Complex (Roman Thermae) once belonged to the Roman city of Odessus. It’s one of the largest remaining Roman Bath ruins – 4th in Europe and 1st on the Balkans. Curious to walk around the remains? You can bet there’s plenty to see since it’s so well preserved.

After all, how often can you get the opportunity to wander amongst Roman ruins without barriers? In spring/summer the Roman Thermae is open to tourists, and concerts are held there often. Varna City Card will give you free admission to this site.

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7/ Festa Dolphinarium

Festa Dolphinarium in Varna

The Festa Dolphinarium in Varna is the only attraction of its kind on the Balkans! What better way to bring some excitement into your life after a long winter? There are amazing Dolphin shows taking place there every day. You can watch trained dolphins perform many tricks and even throw balls at the crowd! The whole show is very entertaining and great fun for people of all ages.

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8/ Visit the Stone Forest – one of the several natural deserts in Europe

Stone Forest in Varna

The Stone Forest near Varna is the only place in Bulgaria where archaeologist found evidence of human life from the Mesolithic period (about 50 million years old). This beautiful, natural phenomenon is the only one of its kind in the country and is a really interesting place to visit. The Stone Forest attracts many visitors and tourists during the spring/summer and is very easy to reach by car.

With Varna City Card you get free admission to the Stone Forest!

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9/ Visit one of the beach bars in Varna and enjoy the sun and sea breeze

Bar Cubo Varna

Bar Cubo Varna, picture source:

Bar Cubo is one of the most preferred places by the citizens and guests of Varna. It’s perfect to chill during the day and to have a drink with friends at night. You can sit on the sand while enjoying a cold drink and good music. The mojitos cost as little as 4 euros!

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10/ Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery in Varna

Aladzha Monastery is the most famous medieval cave monastery on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and at just 14 km from Varna, it’s certainly worth a visit. Hermit monks inhabited the caves during the 11th and 12th centuries. There’s also a really interesting audio-visual show that you can see there from the 1st of June until the 30th of September. It happens every Saturday at 21:00.

With Varna City Card you get free admission to Aladzha Monastery!

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With so many things to do around Varna in springtime, we’re sure you’ll make the most out of your visit to the beautiful Sea Capital of Bulgaria! And if you’re considering to visit in summer, check out our summertime adventures guide to Varna here >> 

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