Discover Varna In 24 Hours

Getting the most out of a day in Varna can be a challenge – especially if you’re visiting the city for the first time. But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! The key is to spend more time enjoying and less time moving from place to place. Here’s how to explore Varna in 24 hours!

10:00 am: Start the day at the Archeological Museum of Varna – one of the most interesting and unique attractions of the city.

Varna Archaeological Museum

Did you know that the oldest Gold Treasure in the world is exhibited in the Archeological Museum of Varna? That’s right! The artefacts found in the Necropolis date back to 4000 BC and consist of about 2000 golden objects.

A journey through the ages…

The exhibits are arranged in chronological order so you can go on a journey through the long history and evolution of the region. Scientists, tourists, locals and students come here to learn about civilizations long gone. The museum’s rich collection attracts many visitors both from Bulgaria and worldwide.

Interesting fact:

The golden treasure has been shown in the USA in the exhibition “Thracian Riches: Treasures from Bulgaria”. It even spent 7 months in Japan on display as the “Oldest Gold in the World”.

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12:00 pm: Your next stop is the Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral – one of the most visited places by tourists, and a symbol of Varna

Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral, Varna

The Cathedral in Varna is the second largest Orthodox church in Bulgaria. During services (especially on weekends), visitors can enjoy wonderful chants, performed by the oldest Varna temple choir.

Unique architecture

The Cathedral has amazing architecture and unique murals cover the walls on the inside. The domes (roof) are coated with gold and silver and the frescoes are amongst the most beautiful features of the cathedral.

Some breathtaking views:

The view from the belfry towards the city is magnificent, but you have to climb the 133 stairs to the top. If you get a chance to catch a glimpse of the Cathedral at night you will not be disappointed since it’s beautifully lit!

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12:30 pm: Stop by the State Opera House or, as locals refer to it,  ‘’the home of culture in Varna’’

State Opera House, Varna

State Opera House, picture source:

The opera house is a great place to enjoy classical music or a play and the ticket prices are more than reasonable – around 20 to 25 euro for the best seats possible. To sum up the 50-year record of the Varna Opera house let’s put it this way: over 200 productions and nearly 8000 performances for more than three millions of spectators! The orchestra – wonderful. The conductor – fantastic, the singers – young and talented!

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13:00 pm: Make your way down to the Roman Thermae to see the largest ancient building discovered in Bulgaria so far.

Roman Thermae, Varna

How often can you get the opportunity to wander amongst Roman ruins without barriers? The Roman Thermae in Varna is a must-see! The ancient Bath Complex once belonged to the Roman city of Odessus and is one of the largest remaining Roman Bath ruins (4th in Europe and 1st on the Balkans). The construction of the complex took place in the late 2nd century AD. It became a popular public centre where locals gathered to discuss important matters of the town and to socialize.

With Varna City Card you get free admission to the Roman Thermae.

What more can you see there today?

You can see remains of facilities such as changing rooms, a cold, warm and hot pool, an area for social and athletic functions. There was an impressive underfloor heating system of pipes (hypocaust) which is still visible. The posters and drawings give a clear picture of what every room once was.

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14:00 pm: Your next destination is the beautiful Sea Garden – Varna’s pride and joy, and a preferred place to visit by locals and tourists

Varna Sea Garden

Varna is famous for its Sea Garden. It’s an emblem of the town and a National Monument of landscaped architecture. It’s currently the largest landscaped park on the Balkans.

In summer, it’s a place full of people and activities. This is where Varna’s citizens come to relax, go on a walk with friends and family and to simply socialize and have fun. The garden is located on the shores of the Black Sea, with a very nice view and good bike lanes (many people come here to exercise). It also includes many interesting landmarks such as Varna Zoo, Museum of Natural Science, Festa Dolphinarium and the Naval Museum.

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15:00 pm: It’s time for the main attraction of Varna’s Sea Garden – The Festa Dolphinarium.

Festa Dolphinarium, Varna

The Festa Dolphinarium in Varna is the only one of its kind on the Balkans. It opened in 1984 and quickly became a symbol of Varna as well as an important landmark of Bulgarian tourism. There are amazing Dolphin shows taking place every day at the Dolphinarium. You can watch trained dolphins perform many tricks and even throw balls at the crowd! The whole show is very entertaining and great fun for children and adults.

Tip: Check out their summer programme and buy tickets online to avoid queues and to get a discount. Ticket costs vary according to the season (15-25 lv).

Swimming with the dolphins

You can book a swimming session with the dolphins over the phone. It costs 100 lv and takes one hour (every day at 14:00). You’ll have a chance to touch the dolphins, ride on their backs and even get a kiss (if you’re lucky)! There’s a photographer present during the session so you can get a picture to remember this amazing moment! Tip: Don’t forget to bring your swimming suit.

Fun fact: There’s an observational cafe on the site where you can see the dolphins swimming around while you have a meal or a drink.

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16:30 pm: Another sight worth seeing in the Sea Garden is the Zoo

Varna Zoo

The Zoo is perfect for a family stroll and has plenty to keep both adults and children entertained for hours. There are 3 lakes inside the zoo with a rich bird variety. Check out the magnificent Royal Pheasant, the Golden Eagle or any of the Parrots. You can also see some Lamas, Wolves, Bears, Foxes and the big stars of the zoo – the tigers and lions!

With Varna City Card you get free admission to the Zoo!

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17:00 pm: End the day with a stroll down the first Sea Coast Alley – a popular place for dining, socializing, walking around and enjoying a sunset and beautiful sea views

The coastal alley runs below the Sea Garden and is full of restaurants, bars and cafes.

Having trouble deciding where to dine? Sit comfortably on the beautiful panoramic terrace of the By the Sea Restaurant & Bar.

The terrace practically hangs in the sea so if you sit on the open air deck you can enjoy the magnificent view of the bay and the city’s lights at night. The whole restaurant is very stylish and you can easily spend an evening enjoying the sounds of the piano music over a glass of fine wine.

Today’s special

The fish was in the Black Sea 20 minutes ago – the restaurant often makes such offers to its customers and let’s just say people love them!

What else can you try?

The fancy restaurant is famous for its rich menu, Mediterranean cuisine, seafood specialities and traditional Bulgarian dishes. Try the grilled squid with butter and herbs, their amazing tapas and cheeses or any of the mussel, prawn, octopus or other squid specialities on the menu. To make a reservation call them up on +359 88 250 5050 and pick a table either inside or on the terrace.

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Who would have thought? A seaside resort so full of tourist attractions, culinary delights and culture. And if that’s what you can see in a day imagine what a week in Varna would be like? Well, you don’t have to just imagine, you can start planning your next trip right away with Varna City Card – your personal guide and ticket to the city!